Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Nicole Kidman Going On The Road With Husband Keith Urban

Nicole Kidman tells USA Today that she is ready to experience life on the road and will join her husband, Keith Urban, on tour when she finishes shooting the Baz Lurhman film, Australia. "Because I've been doing this film, he has been coming to Australia regularly," she says. "When I finish it, that's when we come back and I go out [on the road]. It's a great way to see America. It's a whole different way of life for me. I also like seeing him do what he does. He's so good at it. He can really play, and he can really sing. I'll vouch for it." After years of almost nonstop work, Nicole said she is committed to staying home and spending most of her time with her husband. “I have a new niece, I have a new marriage, we just bought an acreage in Tennessee, which we're really happy to build a house on and spend some time doing that," she says. "I'm just not willing to give up my life with my man anymore."

Source: www.gactv.com

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