Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Mags This Week...

TomKat: The gay rumors, finally the truth, More tears: Zahara's family sees how much sees grown, Britney's losing all her friends, Lindsay's love trouble.

Britney's addicted to surgery, Heidi Klum: Scary skinny, Jen and Angelina: They're still fighting, Lindsay off the wagon?

Marie Osmond tells all to OK: "I will survive", Growing up famous the secret lives of A-list tots (cover shows: Violet, Suri and Shiloh), Scary! Brit's giving driving lessons.

Body and Beauty Bloopers (Cover shows: Beyonce, Britney, Paris, Katherine Heigl and Nick Lachey), Julia trashes Angie, Reese and Jake: It's love. It's real. It's hot., K-Fed's twisted love life.

Britney's twisted childhood, Plastic surgery horror: New details, Project Runway: The judges' Fashion Tips.

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