Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Mags This Week...

Tom's secret's revealed: Will Katie leave him?, Is Angelina pregnant?, Oprah's school: What really happened, Inside George and Fabio's nasty fight.

Angelina's sexy kiss with another man, Britney's mom on her daughter's crisis: "I blame myself", Ashley and Lance: Shocking romance, Jen Aniston: As you've never seen her.

Britney's lost boys: Mommy we miss you, Carrie: Love, lies and country, "My wife is my inspiration", Tom tells OK.

Angelina and her bodyguard: Too close?, Britney's mom tells all, Fergie and Josh on the rocks, Lance and Ashley: Hot new couple.

Britney slammed by parenting coach: mental illness, swaps clothes with bartender, leaves boys in car to shop and denies them tick-or-treating, Jennie Garth: My DWTS makeover, Lance and Ashley: Bizarre new fling.

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