Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Katie "Jordan" Price With Son Harvey In An OK! Photoshoot

Katie 'Jordan' Price, husband Peter Andre, and kids Junior and Princess recently did a Halloween photoshoot with OK! magazine, but son Harvey Daniel, 5 1/2, was not doing well enough to participate. This week, Katie and Harvey are featured in their own photoshoot at a soft play area.

How Harvey is doing now:
Really well -- he's talking a hell of a lot and becoming quite a character, although lately his behavior has been getting worse and it's quite hard work.
We've had to put a tent up in the kitchen because he uses a tent at school as a chill-out area, so he goes in there at home and it chills him out. It's better than the naughty step because then he just laughs when he's put on there. I don't believe in whacking your kids, so the tent works quite well in calming him down.

On his septo-optic dysplasia, which causes blindness, cognitive delay, hormonal and weight issues:
As far as I know, it will stay the same. He just has to have his medicine and he's fine. If you don't give him his medicine, it's fatal. He also has diabetes but it's not the sugar diabetes -- his diabetes affects his waterworks -- it's called diabetes insipidus. I don't know why they call it diabetes because it doesn't need to be controlled with diet or insulin.
[He has checkups] all the time. Every week he's seeing someone -- the doctor, the hospital, the health visitor. [Regarding his sight], he can see the top letter of the testing board, which is amazing considering we were told he would never see.
He's definitely improving. If he was to throw a toy and I said, 'Go and pick it up,' he would go right to it.

How he is with his siblings:
He plays with Junior nicely but occasionally he'll give him a sly little slap. Sometimes he will hit Princess on the head and she'll just look like a nodding dog -- a bit shocked with her eyes big, but she's so good-natured and placid she doesn't cry. He'll hit anyone -- if he wants you, he'll come for you. It's just a symptom of his condition.

On his personality:
He's on the autistic spectrum. He's not a very sociable kid and he's not very tactile -- I mean I'm lucky if I get a cuddle -- but he's not as bad as some kids on the autistic spectrum. He does show affection sometimes.
He loves musical toys with lights, he loves fresh air, going on the beach. He loves being independent -- opening doors and shutting them himself, walking outside at home, and he loves trying to control people. Like if you're in a conversation, he'll try to join in. We communicate back and forth absolutely fine.

Here are some pictures from the Halloween photoshoot with Princess and Junior that was mentioned in the introduction.

Source: http://www.ok.co.uk/ via www.celebrity-babies.com

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