Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Hollywood Romance Report

Kate Hudson is taking issue with claims that she has hooked up with Heath Ledger. The New York Post says the actress, who has reportedly been on-again, off-again with comedian Dax Shepard, was "kissing and making out" with the oft-prickly Aussie thespian Thursday night at a Manhattan hot spot. But a rep for Kate denies she engaged in any tonsil hockey with Heath, who is back on the prowl following his September split from Michelle Williams. "This is absolutely untrue," Hudson's flack huffs to the paper. "They ran into each other and chatted briefly, but that was the extent of it." No word on whether they were reminiscing about their 2002 flop The Four Feathers or perhaps exchanging parenting tips (Kate is mom to 3-year-old Ryder with perma-scruffy ex-husband Chris Robinson; Heath is dad to 2-year-old Matilda with Williams).

As Heather Mills plumbs new depths of desperation in her divorce battle with Paul McCartney, he's apparently learned a valuable lesson about safeguarding his heart by protecting his bank account. The London Sunday Mirror believes part of the appeal of Sir Paul's rumored new flame Nancy Shevell is that she's independently wealthy (she's an exec in her family's New Jersey-based freight company). "The fact Nancy is successful in her own right makes him feel much more relaxed around her," a spy tells the tab. "Paul says she is not with him for what's in it for her. He will certainly now only date women who have their own means. He won't date someone who is not used to money."

John Mayer may have been spied spit shining the tonsils of an insecure but hot blonde during a recent night out in New York, but he was back in the company of rumored squeeze Minka Kelly on Sunday. Shutterbugs snapped the bespectacled crooner and the Friday Night Lights looker taking in a Knicks game at Madison Square Garden. Their outing wasn't exactly undercover: The twosome had floor seats and Mayer's pretty mug ended up being broadcast on the Jumbotron.

Nick Carter may have a slimmed-down new physique, but his attitude remains as unappealing as ever. He's quoted as telling the London Sun that he'd never again date former flame Paris Hilton, with whom he was once so smitten he etched her name on his wrist. "But I'd go out with another celeb," says the resurrected Backstreet Boy. "She'd need to be able to have an intelligent conversation though, because Paris couldn't."

Make sure to check out the post with the latest update on Owen Wilson’s love life. His latest love interest’s idenity has been revealed and it isn’t Jessica Simpson like some mags have reported.

Source: MSN.com

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