Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Check Out Ellen Degeneres' Lunch

Have any of you been following Ellen DeGeneres‘ blog? I haven’t, but I am now! It is filled with her funny sense of humor. Her two main features are her thoughts (when she does have them) and what she eats for lunch (cooked by her chef, Sean). Both are hilarious but the lunch features are my favorite!

Here’s what Ellen ate for lunch yesterday (Tuesday):

“Hola watchers of my lunch. Today I am lunching from south of the border with these delicious organic chicken fajitas (Pronounced: fah-heat-as. The j is silent.) filled with red and green peppers, zucchini, onion and cheese and wrapped in flower tortillas (pronounced: tort-tea-as. The ll is silent.) There are also some black beans and rice (pronounced: black-beans-and-rice. Nothing is silent. All the letters are loud and clear.) There is also some roasted tomato salsa (pronounced either: to-matt-oh or to-may-toe) and guacamole (pronounced: gwak-a-mole-eee.)
I love guacamole. I’m thinking of planting some guacamole bushes in the back yard. I’ve always wondered how the guacamole keeps from dripping off the stems. Now I can see for myself.
But for now, I shall eat my lunch. Adiós,
Ellen (Pronounced: Ellen. the second l is silent)”


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