Monday, November 12, 2007

Britney's Driving Problems Putting Sons In Danger

Britney Spears' driving problems are following her into the court room of custody case. The lawyer, of ex-husband, Kevin Federline has contacted TMZ, telling the site he will subpoena a story that aired about Britney running a red light. Mark Vincent Kaplan wants the tape for an unscheduled court appearance on Wednesday. The story, which ran Friday on TMZ TV (the show that goes along with the website), shows Britney, her kids in the backseat and the court-appointed monitor in the front, blowing a red light at an extremely dangerous intersection Thursday night on her way home. A close look at the video shows that she held her cell phone up to her face just seconds before running the light, it appears she's texting.

But, that is not the only recent problem with Britney's driving! Just days before the red light incident Britney put the Sean's life in danger by driving on the wrong side of the road. With her son sleeping in the back seat Britney crossed over into oncoming traffic to overtake a vehicle in front of her while chatting on her cell phone to the disbelief of the parenting coach. (The story does not state if Jayden was in the car during this incident.)

Kaplan has already asked the judge to prohibit Britney from driving with the kids in the car. Commissioner Scott Gordon is set to rule on that motion on November 26. The latest development could accelerate that decision. The Commish has been troubled by Brit's driving and the incident Thursday night could jeopardize her visitation.

Also remember she drove without a valid California driver's license with her sons in the car, was photographed driving the boys with their car seats not succered and even got a charge of hit and run for running into a parked car while trying to park her vehicle. Let's hope for the boys safety that the Commish throws the book at Brit for this one!

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