Thursday, October 4, 2007

Some Gossip Bits... Country Style

Sara Evans is celebrating a 10-year career with the release of her first Greatest Hits album, which also contains four new songs, on October 9. Sara co-penned the four new songs on the album with writers including Hillary Lindsey, Aimee Mayo, John Shanks and her brother Matt Evans. "These new songs were a total blessing," she says. "Over a three-day writing period we wrote 'As If,' 'Love You With All My Heart' and 'Pray for You' one after the other in an almost inspired way."

Overall, Sara co-wrote nine of the 14 tracks on the new CD. "No one can ever say that I'm not sincere with the songs that I sing," she says. "I have a really hard time writing or performing a song that doesn't mean something to me." Sara says inspiration for her songwriting comes in part from her strong faith. "The two most important things for me to remember every single day when I get up are to love God and love others," she says. "I also wholeheartedly believe that any sort of creative art like songwriting is a gift from God and sometimes specific songs are gifts from God."

Although her new album, The Hits, was just released, Faith Hill is already working on her next studio album, and she tells The Tennessean, the project may or may not be strictly country. A few months ago, Faith told executives at Warner Bros. Nashville that unless she could make the kind of record she wanted to make without regard to radio formats, she didn't want to make records anymore. They agreed, so she's now recording a soul-influenced album that she knows her fans will like with no limitations or deadlines to stand in her way.

"Radio is not going to dictate what I do for the rest of my career," she says. "If I am ever played again on country radio, I don't know. I can't tell you that. But I do know what kind of artist I am; I do know what kind of singer I am. And that is what I will do from here on out. No one is going to direct what I do except for me." When asked if she has considered leaving country for a pop career, Faith says, "I'm a country girl. There is no denying that. I'm in the middle of making this record, and I don't know what it's going to sound like. Who knows where it's going to be played?"

Faith says her Soul2Soul 2007 tour this summer helped give her the confidence to start doing things her own way. "I had a chance to be the real artist that I am," she says. "I had a chance to show what I could do. I felt like I had something to prove, and I felt like I proved it more this summer than even last summer. I was like, 'I'm back.' I felt like Tina Turner up there onstage, 'Uh huh, I'm back.' And nobody is going to take this moment away from me.


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