Friday, October 19, 2007

Sex In The City Stars Talk About The Movie

Sex and the City stars Kristin Davis and Willie Garson were both out at events Wednesday night in New York, and when it came to what happens in their upcoming movie, both kept fans guessing. At Viva La Cure at Saks Fifth Avenue, Kristin, who plays the always-sweet Charlotte, told reporters she "wasn't prepared for the intensity" of shooting the Sex and the City movie. When asked about pictures that imply she and husband Harry (played by Evan Handler) adopt a baby in the film, she scolded, "You don't want to pay your ten dollars and already know what happens."

Willie Garson, also known as Carrie's pal Stanford, told at the Project ALS Tomorrow is Tonight 10th Anniversary Celebration that working on the movie is coming along well. "We shot a scene with all of us sitting around the table. It was the last supper. It was's like we just left...We're such a family." But when we broached the subject of Carrie's "wedding," Garson exclaimed, "What wedding, no!"

Just over a week ago, Mr. Big himself told New York Magazine, "you people have gotten nothing right," when it comes to the plot of the movie. Executive producer Michael Patrick King has said that some scenes fans are taking for fact could be dream sequences.


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