Monday, October 1, 2007

More Of Beautiful Shiloh...

Angelina Jolie took her youngest daughter Shiloh, 16 months, to visit daddy Brad Pitt Monday morning on the NYC set of the new Coen Brothers drama comedy, Burn After Reading. Brad and Angie did a little matching with gray tops and his-and-hers aviator sunglasses. Shiloh carried around and played with a scotch tape dispenser!

Shiloh will reportedly star in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button playing Benjamin’s daughter. Could she be in this one too? Brad’s pal George Clooney also costars in the film, out 2008. Why else would none of the other kids go for the visit? I know Maddox (age 6) is at school, and Pax (age 3 ½) might be in preschool, but Zahara (2) should be around. Just wondering... I love the first picture of Shiloh. She is so darling.


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