Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The Mags This Week...

Is she pregnant: Angelina gains 10 pounds, Jen and Orlando: Their hot hookup in Mexico, New Scandal: Is their a Britney Sex Tape.

Shutting Angelina out: How Brad's friends are avoiding her, As her bump gets bigger Marc says it's a blessing to see J.Lo. grow, Britney tells Life And Style: I just want to have fun.

Goodbye Mommy: Britney suicide watch: Family worrying what Brit will do next, Jen's sexy hookup with Orlando, Angie and Brad: Wedding in the works.

Britney hits rock bottom: She lost her kids and risking her life on a binge and purge diet: Now it's rehab, Jen and Orlando: Romance blooms in Mexico, Pregnant bride: Nicole and Joel's surprise wedding, George tells Sarah I Love You.

The Style Issue With 27 page bonus, Brit's twisted mind: Goes tanning after losing her boys and her tragic self-distruction, Inside Us' Hot Party.

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