Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A Look Inside The Playboy Halloween Party

While there was no shortage of bare bottoms, body-painted breasts and blondes at Hugh Hefner's haunted house over the weekend, this year, blood and brunettes also made the not-so-clean cut. “I think all the parties at the Playboy Mansion are the hottest ticket in town,” the not-so-humble Hefner told FOX Friday night on the eve of the annual event. “This just happens to be Halloween and, you know, [I'm] looking forward to a great weekend.”

The fact that an 81-year-old still manages to keep three young busty blondes by his side is a little ... spooky. But it turns out the men’s magazine mogul still is a “horny” little devil.“Today I’m Mr. Playboy, but tomorrow I will be a little devil,” Hef said. “My costume’s fairly simple: It has a couple of horns and Holly [his girlfriend, Holly Madison] will help me to put them on. She, of course, is Jackie Ho.” And Hefner got a kick out of seeing his blonde beauty with brown locks. “Well I kind of like her the way she is usually, but she looks pretty hot this way in a brunette wig and I love the bug eyes,” he said.

And were we the only ones to notice that No. 2 babe Bridget was bleeding to death and behaving like she was a bit bipolar? “This is the best Halloween party in the world. The best haunted house, the hottest girls and the best host,” she said. “But I am a psycho prom queen so don’t mess with me.” And despite the fact that an unusually quiet Kendra disappeared beneath a mask, she still managed to steal the show dressed as Dick Butkus in a baseball uniform. Pop Tarts was also brave enough to enter the "real" haunted house set up "Next Door" with one of the bunnies. But when you go behind closed doors at the Playboy Mansion, some very scary things are bound to happen...

For all you Girls Next Door fans, Fox is getting ready to release the last three seasons on DVD, and the girls and their guy are getting ready to romp back onto the small screen for a fourth season of centerfolds, fun times and ... marriage? “We’re going to Monte Carlo. There’s going to be a wedding in Jamaica,” Bridget snitched. “But it’s a secret, top secret.” And unless Hef was able to change the law of the land, Pop Tarts think he told us a little lie just to make us stay tuned. “We’re going to Utah and we’re all getting married,” he said.


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