Monday, October 1, 2007

Lindsay Lohan Spending Time With Dad

Lindsay Lohan will spend five days at a secluded lodge in the Utah mountains with her father Michael. "It can only help her recovery," Lindsay's mom Dina told PEOPLE in an e-mail. "It's time to mend." She added, "He is visiting Lindsay alone because we are giving her dad a chance to make amends." A protection order against her former spouse, she said, precludes both parents spending time together with their daughter simultaneously.

During the first week of September, father and daughter ended their three-and-a-half year estrangement when Michael visited Lindsay at the Cirque Lodge Treatment Center. They have been in contact since and Michael is set to arrive in Utah late Monday night to begin their five-day retreat together Tuesday morning. "She is in a better place than ever," a source close to Michael told PEOPLE. "Lindsay asked [him] to come out, and he's ecstatic she's back in his life."

The actress has been in rehab since August 3, following her arrest in July for driving under the influence and cocaine possession. Despite this easing family tension, Lindsay has no immediate plans to leave rehab, but may complete her court-mandated 10 days of community service, according to one source, helping AIDS victims in South Africa.


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