Friday, October 26, 2007

The Life Of Shiloh...

At only 17 months, Shiloh Jolie-Pitt has already racked up enough air miles to fly first class around the world. Imagine where this little cutie will be able to go by the age of seven! She was born to Hollywood superstars Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. She is the only biological child of the duo so far. She joined adopted siblings, brother, Maddox who is now 6 and sister, Zahara now 2 1/2. Older brother Pax joined the family in March 2007 and is almost 4. So check out the life of Shiloh...

MAY 2006: Namibia, Africa where she was born on May 27.

JUNE 2006: Los Angeles, California to say at the Malibu pad daddy had been working to make baby proof for months.

JULY 2006: Santa Barbara, California where she had her famous play date with Kingston Rossdale son of Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani. Shiloh’s parents also have a place there.

OCTOBER 2006: Pune, Goa and Jodhpur, India.. Angie was there filming her movie that would later flop, A Mighty Heart. Brad also shot some commercials and the family had a few weekend vacations.

NOVEMBER 2006: Mumbai, India… Angie’s movie production for A Mighty Heart moves to Mumbia and Shi’s parents visit a Vietnamese orphanage where they find her new brother, Pax.

DECEMBER 2006: New York, New York is the next stop where Mama Angie stops to do press for The Good Shepherd.

JANUARY 2007: St. Thomas, Caribbean; Beverly Hills, California… the family does some vacationing and by the end of the month ends up in New Orleans.

FEBRUARY 2007: New Orleans, Louisiana where Shiloh becomes a regular in the French Quarter in "N'awlins" throughout the late winter while dad Brad shot The Curious Case of Benjamin Button with Cate Blanchett.

MAY 2007: Prague, Czech Republic; Cannes, France… after a long stay in one place (for Brangelina that is) the family head out of the states. The family went to the Czech capital for Angie to film Wanted. Then it was off to the Cannes Film Festival to screen mom and dad’s flicks, A Mighty Heart and Ocean’s 13. It was there that Shiloh celebrated her first birthday!

JULY 2007: Angoul√™me, France; Chicago, Illinois … Shiloh and clan moved around a lot in July, but she and her siblings had some play dates with Adam Pearl in France. His mom was who A Mighty Heart was all about. Then after that Shi went to Chicago to help Mama shot Wanted.

AUGUST 2007: New York, New York
The family finally came back to the big apple so Brad could film Burn After Reading. The family took in museums and had many visits to the Central Park Zoo!

SEPTEMBER 2007: Venice, Italy
Shiloh took in the Italian culture in Venice while in town for the premiere of Brad’s film The Assassination of Jesse James at the Venice Film Festival. It seems Shiloh likes the canals of Venice — she took a water taxi ride there!

OCTOBER 2007: New York, New York; Los Angeles, California
It was back to New York after the Venice Film Festival so Dad can get back to work! Shiloh hit up Lee’s Art Shop and legendary toy store FAO Schwarz with mom during her stay. The 17-month-old made back to Los Angeles. just in time to escape the cold weather!


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