Friday, October 26, 2007

LeAnn Rimes Talks Abouut Her New Video With Bon Jovi

It's not easy being sexy, but someone's gotta do it. And it was country singer LeAnn Rimes's job to sacrifice her own health to get a music video shot with Jon Bon Jovi. "We stayed up to 6 a.m. I was in a nightie in the middle of the street. It was freezing," she tells PEOPLE at Redbook Heroes: The Strength & Spirit Awards in New York Monday night. "I got a little bit of a cold from it." Rimes – whose 10th studio album, Family, was released in October – joined Bon Jovi, 45, in New York to make the video for their duet "Til We're Not Strangers." "It's just been working and sleeping," the 25-year old country singer says.

This was also not the first time LeAnn suffered for her art. In 2005, she was ordered not to speak for two weeks when a bout with bronchitis burst a blood vessel in one of her vocal cords. LeAnn attended the event with her husband Dean Sheremet, 26, who she describes as "a great sport," "very supportive," and "a lot of fun." Sheremet also doesn't seem to mind sharing his wife with a rockstar. "He's one of those husbands that's like, 'the sexier the better, go for it,' " she says. "We're happily married, so it's all just make believe." Rimes said filming the video (perched atop a glass bed on Manhattan's 23rd street) with Bon Jovi was "pretty surreal." "He's great. I love working with him. It was late so we were both ready to do our job and get it over with. But it's a very sexy video."


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