Friday, October 5, 2007

Dr. Phil Offers To Help Britney

Britney Spears is getting advice from everyone especially other celebrities. But there is one person out there that might be able to help Britney- Dr. Phil McGraw. "I would be willing to sit down with her," Dr. Phil told Ryan Seacrest Thursday on his KIIS-FM morning show. "I'd much prefer to it off air, just the two of us in a room. No agents, no handlers, no cameras. This is a girl who can turn this around, but she has to have someone look her in the eye and tell her the truth. There's kids here. The kids are the ones that pick up the tab here." Unwilling to say whether Britney really does have a substance abuse problem,

Dr. Phil, who said that he's contacted her reps, said that what she does have is an addiction to the media. "I know there's girls whose people call the paparazzi and let them know where they're going to be," said the man who knows "exactly what she needs to do. I don't know if that's what Britney does. What I know is this has decompressed. All the air has gone out of her career. All you're picking up is the negatives. I think this has gotten really dysfunctional and really toxic."


Britney probably could be helped by Dr. Phil a great deal. He seems to be straight to the point and I think it could do her some good to have someone who will tell her like it is not like she wants it to be.

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