Friday, October 5, 2007

Danny Bonaduce NOT To Be Charged In Awards Show Incident

Apparently, tossing a reality star is not a crime – at least in the case of Danny Bonaduce's throwing ex-Survivor Jonny Fairplay over his shoulder during the FOX Reality Really Channel awards on Tuesday. In response to a formal complaint by Jonny filed Wednesday, the Los Angeles district attorney investigated the incident, which was caught on tape, and determined there was not enough evidence to charge Danny with battery. "It did not appear that the suspect intentionally tried to cause injuries, but simply reacted to the victim's actions," according to the papers filed by the D.A.

The "actions," as described in the paperwork, include Jonny's jumping on Danny, wrapping his legs around him and thrusting his pelvis into the former Partridge Family star. In reaction Danny lifted Jonny and tossed him over his shoulders. Jonny landed face-first on the stage, then quickly ran off holding his mouth. According to police, Jonny, a wrestler who came in third on the 2003's Survivor: Pearl, lost a tooth and broke another in the incident. Jonny told that he underwent 2 ½ hours of dental surgery. Authorities said Danny's reaction, "fell within the realm of self-defense." Danny, whose current gig is co-hosting radio's The Adam Carolla Show, told TMZ on Thursday: "I'm sorry he got hurt."


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