Friday, October 19, 2007

Britney Runs Over Photographer's Foot

Britney Spears allegedly ran over a photographer's foot Thursday night when she was swarmed pulling out of a Beverly Hills parking garage. The incident happened on the same day she reached a financial agreement with the owner of the car that she damaged on August 6.

In video footage of this latest incident Britney driving her white Mercedes convertible, slowly exits the garage while a mob of paparazzi begin taking photos. Bulbs flashing, a man in a camouflage jacket is seen falling to the ground near her front left tire while apparently shouting in pain.

Another photographer – "Michael" who works for the Web site–told ABC7 that he witnessed the unnamed man's foot get run over. Britney raises a hand to her mouth in shock and is then seen crying behind the wheel as she leaves the scene without checking on the man's condition. Beverly Hills police say no one contacted them to file a report. Britney will be arraigned on two driving-related misdemeanor charges on October 25.

The photographer who’s foot got run over works for according to their website. They write: “Britney Spears got intimate with a TMZ photog yesterday -- she ran over his foot! As she tried to make a quick left, with paparazzi by her side, Spears' tire ran over our sandal-wearing photog's foot. Spears stopped the car, trapping our guy for what must have seemed like 4 hours. Ouch! Spears looked shocked once she realized what she'd done ... but didn't get out of the car to see if he was okay. Our photog went to the emergency room and fortunately, nothing was broken. But, in tire terms, it has not been a very Goodyear for our guy. It's rough out there!”


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