Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Anna Nicole Saga Continues Thanks To Rita Cosby

Two women who worked as childcare providers for Anna Nicole Smith in the Bahamas have denied telling a private investigator or anybody else that they spotted their boss watching a tape of Larry Birkhead and Howard K. Stern getting intimate, as it says in Rita Cosby's new tell-all Blonde Ambition: The Untold Story Behind Anna Nicole Smith's Death.

"They don't know one way or another if it happened," attorney Elizabeth Thompson told the Associated Press on behalf of clients Quethlie Alexis and Nadine Alexie, who both worked at the waterfront mansion where Howard and Anna lived with the former Playboy Playmate's infant daughter Dannielynn. Alexis and Alexie, whose insider perspective became a hot commodity after the death of Smith's son Daniel in September 2006 and then even more so after Anna's death, admitted to speaking with a detective who they thought was working for Anna's mother, Virgie Arthur.

But that they never said anything about a tape of Larry and Howard, Thompson said. Cosby, a former MSNBC anchor who followed Larry and Anna's (and then Larry and Howard's) custody battle very closely, wrote in Blonde Ambition that the two men who both claimed to be Dannielynn's father at one point were actually lovers who plotted together to win control of Anna's estate.

Both gentlemen called the book's so-called revelations ludicrous, and Howard filed a $60 million defamation lawsuit against Cosby and her publisher last week, claiming that she "intentionally published false and defamatory statements about Stern related to Ms. Smith's death in a calculated effort to increase sales and increase profits." Howard and Larry have also both said that Cosby never attempted to contact them to verify the allegations before the book went to print.

Source: www.eonline.com

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