Friday, October 12, 2007

The Anna Nicole Saga Continues And Will Never End

Agents from the California Department of Justice on Friday raided the Studio City home of Dr. Khristine Eroshevich, the psychiatrist who was treating Anna Nicole Smith before her death. "There were about six cars and some men walking around with … guns," a neighbor who lives on the street told PEOPLE.

A rep for the federal Drug Enforcement Agency confirms that a raid happened with the DEA assisting. The officials served Eroshevich with a search warrant but no arrests have been made, according to the DEA rep, Jose Martinez. It was reported in April that Eroshevich was under investigation by authorities who were looking into Anna's death. She died of a drug overdose last February 8.

Eroshevich was the doctor who authorized the 11 prescription medications discovered in Anna's Florida hotel room the day she died. The doctor was being investigated by the California Medical Board and the probe "involved Anna Nicole Smith," a rep confirmed to PEOPLE in April. Eroshevich is a Los Angeles-based psychiatrist and friend of Anna's who had traveled with her to Florida.


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