Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Mags This Week...

A wedding to keep Brad: Angelina wants to please Brad with marriage, Britney's back to her wild ways, After Anna's pregnant partying is Dannielynn ok?

Friends fear that Britney is pregnant again, Tom and Katie: Seperate beds, Owen and Jessica's hot date, Jen gains weight as Angelina shrinks, Cameron gets clear skin: the diet that did it.

Tom and Katie married one year making it work, Britney's best friend tells all to OK!

Tom and Katie: Torn Apart, Britney $1 Million Makeover, Angelina's Thanksgiving showdown with Brad's mom, Owen and Jessica dating.

Lauren Conrad: My new dating rules, Brit's assistant tells all, Best and worst Hollywood Halloween.

Prison Break Star Lane Garrison Sentenced To Prison

A judge has sentenced Prison Break star Lane Garrison to a total of forty months -- nearly four years -- in state prison for the drunk driving crash that caused the death of 17-year-old Vahagn Setian. As he sentenced him, Judge Elden Fox told Lane he thought he was a human being who made a very bad mistake and that he committed a crime and devastated three families.

Fox told Garrison, "I think you are truly remorseful," but sentenced him to prison because "the public needs to know crimes like this need to be punished and, unfortunately, you have to be the messenger." The sentence was based on Garrison's lack of prior criminal history and that he admitted responsibility, pleaded guilty right away and has offered the families financial assistance.

Before sentencing, a highly emotional Garrison told the victims' families he was "genuinely remorseful" and "sickened" by his behavior that night. Garrison he will get credit for the 91 days he has already served. That, combined with California's Work Time/Good Time early release program, means he will likely be in state prison for about 20 months. He must also pay close to $300,000 to the Setian family and to the two girls who were in the car.Lane was quiet after the sentence was handed down and was taken away in handcuffs.


Ryan Seacrest Interviews Britney On His Radio Show

Britney Spears was on Ryan Seacrest's morning radio show Wednesday to talk about her new album – and her life as a mom. Asked if she's been upset with recent coverage of her battle with Kevin Federline over their children – and criticism of her as a mother, Spears answered: "People say what they want and do what they do. It’s sad how people ... how cruel our world can be. But at the end of the day you gotta to know in your heart that you are doing the best that you can."

When Seacrest asked if she is doing her best with her sons, Britney said, "Oh god, yeah, yeah." The singer was on the air to promote her new album Blackout, which hit stores Tuesday. She said her big day "was kind of laidback, really," and that she didn't celebrate. "No, we watched movies, that's about it."

As for her favorite track on the album, she said, "I really like 'Heaven on Earth.' I think it's a cool track. It's kind of different from all the other songs." When asked if she was having a romance with Dallas cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, Britney, who was on speakerphone with her pals Alli Sims and Sam Lufti, answered, "Who?"


Stars Out And About

Angelina Jolie adds star wattage Tuesday at the Courage in Journalism Awards, a ceremony celebrating female journalists who risk their lives for their stories, at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Ashley Olsen calls it a night after reportedly breaking bread with former Full House dad Bob Saget at The Spotted Pig in New York's West Village neighborhood on Monday.

Kelly Ripa, in a Naeem Khan dress, and husband Mark Consuelos go glam for a good cause – cancer research – at the 10th Annual G&P Foundation's Angel Ball on Monday at the Marriott Marquis in New York.

Lindsay Lohan seems to be sticking to an Italian diet lately, making her way to another pizzeria for lunch on Tuesday in Los Angeles.

Sara Evans Talks About The Family's Plans For Halloween

Country singer Sara Evans, 36, and her daughters -- Olivia, 4 1/2, and Audrey, 3 -- are ready for Halloween tonight, but she isn't so sure about son Avery, 8.

“Well, Olivia is going to be a Brat doll and Audrey, oh who knows? She's three and she's insane. And I don't even know if Avery is gonna dress up 'cause he's eight and he might be too cool. But we'll definitely go. We live in a really normal neighborhood -- great neighborhood -- and all my best friends live there, and so we will go trick-or-treating for sure.”

The former Dancing with the Stars contestant even plans on dressing up herself.

“Sometimes I'll just paint my face and then wear normal clothes. Anything I do embarrasses Avery, seriously. He's only eight and he's like 'Mom.' He's so embarrassed. If he needs to be popular, he'll use me like crazy like, 'My mom is Sara Evans.' But other than that he's embarrassed by me, doesn't want anything to do with me.”

Dad is Sara's ex-husband, Craig Schelske.


Stars Out And About

Drinking on the job? British singer Amy Winehouse sips and sashays through a concert Monday at Paris' Le Zénith concert hall. Before the show, Winehouse was spotted scouting out tattoo parlors with her husband Blake Fielder-Civil.

An upbeat Jessica Simpson exits Café Med in Hollywood after a family dinner with dad Joe and mom Tina (not pictured) on Tuesday. Little sister Ashlee was not spotted.

Christina Aguilera and record label executive hubby Jordan Bratman shop at the upscale NoMi baby boutique in Los Angeles on Tuesday. Christina and her hubby have not announced the pregnancy.

Nicole Richie shows off her growing baby bump on Tuesday as she shops for a new pet at Petco in West Hollywood. The mom-to-be picked up a pet goldfish, wrapping paper, fish stuffed animals and paper plates.

A Look Inside The Playboy Halloween Party

While there was no shortage of bare bottoms, body-painted breasts and blondes at Hugh Hefner's haunted house over the weekend, this year, blood and brunettes also made the not-so-clean cut. “I think all the parties at the Playboy Mansion are the hottest ticket in town,” the not-so-humble Hefner told FOX Friday night on the eve of the annual event. “This just happens to be Halloween and, you know, [I'm] looking forward to a great weekend.”

The fact that an 81-year-old still manages to keep three young busty blondes by his side is a little ... spooky. But it turns out the men’s magazine mogul still is a “horny” little devil.“Today I’m Mr. Playboy, but tomorrow I will be a little devil,” Hef said. “My costume’s fairly simple: It has a couple of horns and Holly [his girlfriend, Holly Madison] will help me to put them on. She, of course, is Jackie Ho.” And Hefner got a kick out of seeing his blonde beauty with brown locks. “Well I kind of like her the way she is usually, but she looks pretty hot this way in a brunette wig and I love the bug eyes,” he said.

And were we the only ones to notice that No. 2 babe Bridget was bleeding to death and behaving like she was a bit bipolar? “This is the best Halloween party in the world. The best haunted house, the hottest girls and the best host,” she said. “But I am a psycho prom queen so don’t mess with me.” And despite the fact that an unusually quiet Kendra disappeared beneath a mask, she still managed to steal the show dressed as Dick Butkus in a baseball uniform. Pop Tarts was also brave enough to enter the "real" haunted house set up "Next Door" with one of the bunnies. But when you go behind closed doors at the Playboy Mansion, some very scary things are bound to happen...

For all you Girls Next Door fans, Fox is getting ready to release the last three seasons on DVD, and the girls and their guy are getting ready to romp back onto the small screen for a fourth season of centerfolds, fun times and ... marriage? “We’re going to Monte Carlo. There’s going to be a wedding in Jamaica,” Bridget snitched. “But it’s a secret, top secret.” And unless Hef was able to change the law of the land, Pop Tarts think he told us a little lie just to make us stay tuned. “We’re going to Utah and we’re all getting married,” he said.


Heather Mills Revealed She Thinks About Suicide

Heather Mills broke down in tears on Britain's GMTV on Wednesday, as she addressed her battles with the tabloid press and her ongoing divorce from Paul McCartney. In addition to daily run-ins with the paparazzi, the former Dancing with the Stars hopeful says she has "had it" with unflattering coverage in British papers. (One recent story in The Sun accused her of hosting a massive fireworks display at her home, which allegedly sent a neighbor's dog into cardiac arrest.)

"Everything they write is complete rubbish," the ex-model told the morning news program. "They've called me a 'whore', a 'gold-digger,' a 'fantasist,' a 'liar' and the most unbelievably hurtful things. ... I've been so close to suicide." In her rambling – and often emotional – tirade, Heather also attacked articles that claim she's turned down multi-million dollar divorce settlements from the former Beatle. "I've been offered nothing, okay? Nothing!" she said, claiming to be nearly $3 million "in debt in lawyers fees. And that as much as I can say now, or I go to jail for telling the truth. So I'm gagged at the moment, because I'm not allowed to say a word while the media are fed this spin by a certain corner." Heather also claims that since her May 2006 split from the music icon, she has received numerous death threats.

Hate Campaign
"A certain part of the tabloid media created such a hate campaign against me, that they put my life and my daughter's life at risk," she said. "That's why I considered killing myself because I thought, if I'm dead, she's safe and she can be with her father. And that's the truth. I'm sick of it." Heather says she's now starting a petition demanding greater accuracy from the press. "My plan is to change the law in the European Parliament," she vowed, "and I will do it." Meanwhile, Paul (who released Memory Almost Full last spring) and Heather continue to hash out the details of their divorce settlement in London's High Court. The two wed in 2002 and have one daughter Beatrice, 4.


Stars Out And About: Celebrity Babies Edition

Angelina Jolie takes her oldest son Maddox, 6, for the ultimate toy shopping spree at KB Toys in Beverly Hills on Sunday afternoon. Maddox seemed to enjoy the talking parrot the most! Angie and Mad came out carrying three huge bags full of toys, some of which I’m sure are for Mad’s brothers and sisters! Toy purchases include a Warrior Playset, a Rapid Fire Dart Blaster and Pop Rocks candy.

Geri Halliwell and daughter Madonna Bluebell, 18 months, arrive at Los Angeles International airport on Sunday. Ginger Spice is set to begin rehearsals for the sold out Spice Girls reunion tour.

Celine Dion shops along Sloane Street on Sunday in London with husband/manager Rene Angelil and their son Rene Charles Angelil, 6 1/2. The top-selling Canadian chanteuse and her two favorite men had a late lunch at Pizza Express.

Actress Jennifer Garner takes daughter, Violet Anne, 23 months tomorrow, to the Bronx Zoo on Monday. The pair enjoyed a private tour -- checking out the monkeys and horses. Upon leaving they hopped in a limo and headed back to their NY apartment.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

What Britney's Parenting Coach Says Revealed

Britney Spears will only have access to her kids twice a week for the time being, a court document released Tuesday reveals. She previously had access roughly every other day. The two visits, which will be monitored, will only occur from 12 p.m. to 7 p.m. on one day, with an overnight from 12 p.m. to 10 a.m. on another day.

The new documents also reveal some damning statements by Lisa Hacker, Britney's parenting coach. For one, Britney missed three appointments with the coach. "The problem is that unless [Spears] realizes the consequences of her behavior and the impact that it has on her children," Hacker says, "nothing is going to be successful." The singer also showed a "lack of general attention at times." The coach does, however, concede that Britney "loves her children and the children are bonded to [Spears]."

Hacker also expresses concern that "many of [Spears's] interactions with the children are not child-centered. It seems that her choices are dependent more on what [she] wants to do rather than what would be more enjoyable for the children." The coach added that "during all three of my visits [Spears] rarely engaged with the children in either conversation or play," but that the singer improved by the last visit. It was also revealed that neither of Britney's homes are child-proofed. L.A. Superior Court Commissioner Scott Gordon ordered the singer do so by November 2.


Jennifer Lopez To Lose Her Record Deal?

Jennifer Lopez might have to start looking for a new label if she wants to make another original record. A source close to Epic Records and Epic’s parent company, Sony BMG, says that the label is fed up not only with J.Lo’s paltry album sales, but with the amount of money it’s costing to promote the diva. “She costs too much money and doesn’t sell enough,” says the source, who is familiar with the issue. “Her last album cover alone cost $60,000 in hair and makeup, lighting, photographers, re-touching, etc. The video budget was in the neighborhood of $300,000.”

And that’s just what it costs to get the album out the door. Jennifer performed on Good Morning America earlier this month, and all the costs were absorbed by the label. “Epic had to eat the cost for that entire performance. From her makeup — which typically costs in the neighborhood of $8,000 per day — to the backup singers, to the rigging, lighting and sound,” says a source close to the J.Lo’s camp. “The woman requires everything short of flying monkeys to get on a stage.” Jennifer also appeared on Dancing With the Stars, and a source who is familiar with the standard costs of performing on the ABC hit estimates that it cost Jennifer and her label at least $60,000.

Jennifer has been promoting “Brave,” her first studio album to not debut in the top 10 on Billboard’s charts. “Brave” was released Oct. 9 and sold only 53,000 copies in its first week. The record label makes an average of $4 per CD, according to most estimates. Any way you do the math, the label is not coming close to breaking even on Jennifer. “Sony and Epic might keep her,” a source who is familiar with the situation says, “but she’ll be doing little more than greatest hits albums. That you can do without incurring a huge cost. The label is tired of throwing money away.” Reps for Epic say Jennifer has not angered them. “We love Jennifer at Epic,” a spokesperson said.


Britney's Parenting Coach Testified At Friday's Hearing

Britney Spears's parenting coach, Lisa Hacker, testified at Friday's hearing, a newly-released court document revealed Tuesday. The document shows that Hacker was sworn in and testified in person. Hacker's report was also submitted into evidence. Asked whether the report was critical of Britney, her attorney Sorrell Trope replied: "There were some negative things, and some positive, but the beneficial things far outweighed the negative."

The document also shows that on Oct. 25 and 26, Britney's attorneys filed two last-minute requests to the court seeking "modification to drug testing," but no details were given. The singer is currently subjected to twice-weekly random tests for drugs and alcohol. The newly-released papers contain scant detail. The commissioner's complete ruling is expected later Tuesday.

Brit and her ex-husband, Kevin Federline, are currently undergoing co-parenting counseling and classes together. Their next hearing is November 26. Trope tells PEOPLE that he remains "absolutely confident that Ms. Spears will eventually regain 50-50 custody." Currently, Kevin retains physical custody of their children, Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 1, while Spears has monitored visitation rights.


Neilsen Ratings...

The Neilsen Ratings for the week of October 22, 2007:

7 NCIS CBS 10.9 17264
8 HOUSE FOX 10.8
10 CSI: MIAMI CBS 10.4

Lynne Spears Collaborator On Her New Book Speaks

Lynne Spears's collaborator on her upcoming memoir says the book will shed new light on the troubled Britney Spears. "It's the truth, but it's based in love," the Michigan-based Lorilee Craker, co-author of Pop Culture Mom: A Real Story of Fame and Family in a Tabloid World, tells her local paper, the Grand Rapids Press. Craker considers Lynne "a mother and a grandmother to her core. She loves her children and her grandchildren [Britney's sons Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 1] with just enormous devotion." Lynne and Craker's 200-page memoir is to be published next Mother's Day by the Nashville-based Christian book publisher, Thomas Nelson. Craker, herself the mother of three, describes it as less a tell-all and more of a mom's perspective on having a child who is thrust into the public's eye.

A Wonderful Person

"Lynne, first of all, is a wonderful person. She is one of the kindest, most decent people, and very down-to-earth," says Craker. "People would be amazed at how normal she is, but she's living in this sort of surreal life at the same time." Craker reportedly speaks to Lynne Spears regularly on the phone, and says, "One thing I do want to make clear is that she's not a stage mom. People are so accusatory toward her and so judgmental of her, and it just drives me crazy because I know the real her."

With several parenting books already to her credit, according to her own Web site, Craker has been working on the memoir with Lynne since March and also met with Lynne's daughter Jamie Lynn who stars on Nickelodeon's Zoey 101, reports the Press. The paper makes no mention of her having met with Britney.


Pete Wentz Breaks His Ankle During A Concert

Ashlee Simpson, grab an ice pack! Boyfriend Pete Wentz injured himself during a concert over the weekend in New Orleans, but the Fall Out Boy rocker lived to blog about it. Pete posted photos of his bruised broken ankle on the site In a post titled, "I've got good news and bad news, which do you want to hear first?", Wentz says: "For anyone who was at the voodoo fest in new orleans – you got to see me jump around. ended up breaking the bone that connects my shin to my foot. no shows will be canceled. i am currently trying to get a 'rocker' boot so i can have a walking cast. currently my foot is the size of a small car. if you see me at a show come sign my cast."


House Star Hugh Laurie Battling Mild Depression

British actor Hugh Laurie returned to work Monday after taking a sudden trip home to his native England for undisclosed family issues. On October 25, Hugh told producers he had to leave the L.A. set, promptly hopping on an afternoon flight to London, where his wife, Jo, and their three children, Charlie, Bill and Rebecca, reside. At the time, a show rep said that "Hugh had family obligations in England to attend to, but production is continuing in his absence."

But in a revealing interview in Sunday's Sydney Daily Telegraph, the Emmy-nominated star — who recently became one of the highest paid actors on TV, earning more than $300,000 an episode — admitted he is battling "mild depression” and continues to see a therapist periodically. Not only does he miss his family (Laurie maintains a home in L.A., while they live in London), but he also said he was "drained" by the show's overnight success and the 14-hour, five-days-a-week demands of the job.

"I'm always thinking about the show," he told the paper. "I'm too neurotic and too anal and too convinced that we're going to fail to relax. Every show we do, every scene we shoot, is a disaster, I'm convinced of it. I go home at the end of the day and my head is full of all the mistakes I've made. I beat myself up about what I've stuffed up the day before,” he added. “I'm looking for things to go wrong. I'm not rejoicing or lying back and enjoying it." He said he was thrilled when he first got the script. “They sent me four pages in a fax and I read a couple of scenes and thought, 'This looks great'," he said. He added, "I then read the whole script and thought, 'F--- . . . he is the main guy."'


Amy Winehouse's Life Not Going So Well These Days

A tearful Amy Winehouse cut a lonely figure when she was spotted wandering the streets of Munich, Germany on her own. The pictures, taken last week, show the Rehab singer looking scared and on the verge of tears, which sources blame on the constant arguments between Amy and husband Blake Fielder-Civil.

According to pals, the star is struggling to cope with the increasingly stormy rows with husband Blake. And they warn his controlling behaviour, and unreasonable demands are threatening the couple's six-month marriage. A source told Closer magazine: "They are constantly arguing backstage, and whenever he gets bored he demands they leave, no matter what she's doing. At one of her gigs, Blake even insisted they go back to the hotel half an hour before she was due on stage."

Despite Amy's teams pleas, the young singer won't stand up to her husband, who she credits with saving her life, after he got her to hospital following her overdose. The source added: "Amy's team has told her they can't run a tour under these circumstances. But she runs straight to Blake, who goes mental and threatens to fly back to the UK. Then she goes back to her team and tells them, she can't do it without him around."

Meanwhile Amy's career as an international star hung in the balance amid claims she is to be banned from the U.S, it was revealed. American authorities will not grant her a visa to enter the country to complete a promotional tour following a recent drugs bust in Norway, her father claimed yesterday. But Mitch Winehouse went on to blame Norwegian authorities for misleading his daughter into signing a confession document in relation to the incident on her European tour last week. Mitch, a taxi driver, said Amy thought the document, which was written in Norwegian, had actually been a release form.

Mr Winehouse said the situation was now being thrashed out between the British Consulate and Norwegian authorities in the hope that Amy would avoid a US ban. Mr Winehouse, who insists the drugs did not belong to his daughter, said: "It didn't belong to her, it belonged to someone else on the tour. They arrested Blake, Amy and the person who was responsible. “They only released them after they signed a form, which they were told was a release form. It was in Norwegian. It was actually a confession, so this is being dealt with now by the Norwegian authorities and the British Consulate because the ramifications of that are that she now can't get into the States and she was meant to go next week."

Source: Source:

The Art From Britney Spears Blackout Album

Long Island Lolita Amy Fisher Has A Sex Tape

Amy Fisher's hubby said yesterday he regrets lashing out at his then-estranged wife by hawking their private sex tape to a notorious smut peddler. Lou Bellera sold the rights to "Amy Fisher Caught on Tape" this past spring after he filed for divorce and she began dating one-time flame Joey Buttafuoco. "I did it out of the heat of anger and passion," Lou told The Post. "We were estranged. She was seeing Joey. I was seething about the whole thing. It just came to a point where I was hurt and embarrassed by it . . . and it pressed the wrong button. I just used that as a vehicle to strike back at her."

The couple reconciled this summer, and Lou didn't tell Amy that he'd sold the sex tape to Red Light District Video until this month. Amy said she was willing to forgive her husband. "We've been together for so many years and have had so many ups and downs," she said. ". . . I don't want to see it. It's better for me if I just don't think about it. I'm just going to hide in my house."

Amy said she's going to make their marriage work. "We have two beautiful children, and we have a nice life, so we have to think about that," she said. TV producer and family friend David Krieff said he understands why Amy and Lou are still together: "My heart goes out to any couple that felt love and then the pain of divorce. You hate each other, and anything can happen." Amy said she never hesitated to let her videographer hubby take the sexy shots. "It's all fun and games," she said. I never thought that . . . anything like this would ever happen. I mean she that's my husband, not some guy down the road."


Friday, October 26, 2007

The Mags This Week...

Brad and Angelina: Broken Promises, Britney wants even more surgery, Ellen exclusive: I will adopt again, Tom and Katie's first anniversary: Is the honeymoon over?

Stars beating cellulite, Britney's secret diary, Baby drama: Is Nicole eatting enough and Why Angelina will never talk to her dad.

Britney's heartbreak: Secret meeting with Kevin, Mommy and Me #1: Katie and Suri's Halloween Plans and Mommy and Me #2: Angie and Shiloh's girls' day out.

Angelina's lies, Ellen and Portia split, Lindsay's shock treatment, Britney's new lips.

Trista's diet vow: Thin by the new year, Britney turns away mom and dad, Hunter Tylo her son's tragic death and Reese and Jake Romantic getaway.

Lynne Spears To Right A Tell-All Book!

Lynne Spears will have no shortage of juicy material as she pens her personal tell-all of raising two famous daughters. Having only recently reconciled with troubled popstar Britney Spears – also mom to actress Jamie Lynn – has inked a book deal with publisher Thomas Nelson, according to Publishers Marketplace.

Publishers Marketplace describes the book as "Lynne Spears's personal story of raising high-profile children while coming from a low-profile Louisiana community." The book is set to be published in spring 2008. Thomas Nelson also publishes Bibles, inspirational (Christian) books and some celebrities' work including Bill Cosby, according to, who first reported the deal. Lynne and Britney had a falling out back in June, when Britney delivered an upsetting letter to her mother following months of erratic behavior and a brief stay in rehab.


Stars Out And About: Celebrity Babies Edition

Actress Jennifer Garner and daughter Violet Anne, 22 months, stop at The Muffin Shop on Columbus Avenue, NYC, on Wednesday. They then walked around the block of their Upper West side apartment, and jumped in a cab.

Singer Gwen Stefani took son Kingston James McGregor Rossdale, 17 months on Saturday, to Trico Field in Soho and Crembebe in the East Village on Tuesday. Mama Gwen is not pictured.

Actor Matt Damon arrived at LAX airport in Los Angeles with his wife Luciana and their daughter Isabella, 16 months, on Thursday morning.

It's not Halloween yet – but Tori Spelling, hubby Dean McDermott and son Liam, 7 months, get a jump-start at playing dress up Wednesday in Beverly Hills en route to a friend's party. What a fun family!