Tuesday, September 4, 2007

You Have To See The DALE Movie

If you missed the movie Dale that aired at 8pm tonight on CMT than you missed one of the greatest movies I have seen in a long time. It is a tribute to one of the greatest heros of any sport in history. Yes, for you non-Nascar people he may have been a southern boy who was part of a sport you didn’t like, but his is more than that. This is a story of rising from a small town to acheve greatness in something you love. It is touching and heartwarming. Most of all it is the stuff that real life is made of. None of that Hollywood made up studio created stuff.

Anyway, it will air again tomorrow (Wednesday) and Thursday at 8pm on CMT. Check it out and you will learn a lot about a sport a grew up loving as a child and will love till I die. Most of all you will learn about a legend.

Here is how it is described in the press release:
“Narrated by Paul Newman, this 90-minute documentary provides the most accurate presentation of Dale Earnhardt’s career and life. This moving tribute is told through archival race footage, never-before-seen family home videos and interviews with Earnhardt himself. His fiercest competitors and most avid fans share memories of him on the track, and his closest family members and friends give insight to the man behind the Intimidator persona. The film Dale illustrates the depth of his influence in the racing world and beyond. Produced with the support and endorsement of Richard Childress Racing plus the Earnhardt family, corporation and team, Dale is a must-see movie for every fan.”

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