Friday, September 7, 2007

Previews For My Favorite Shows Part 3

Well at the end of last season House was on his own, but will team change there minds and return? Here is what they say will happen on Tuesday’s at 9pm. Exec producer Katie Jacobs says Hugh Laurie's persnickety pill-popper is ''working by himself'' at first and then is ordered to assemble a new team: ''We have 40 [candidates], and he's just going to keep firing people every episode until we get down to two by episode 8 or 9.'' Among the new faces: The O.C.'s Olivia Wilde, 24's Kal Penn, and Lincoln Heights' Edi Gathegi playing a medically minded Mormon. And fret not about the old faves — they'll all be back: ''Chase [Jesse Spencer] is going to work in surgery, Cameron [Jennifer Morrison] is going to work in the ER, and Foreman [Omar Epps] truly has been at another hospital, in New York,'' but will return. In the meantime, says a laughing Lisa Edelstein, who plays boss Cuddy, ''This many people — it's just kind of crazy, and each week more people get voted off the island!''

Cold Case is back in the same time slot (Sunday 9pm) with more great stories. Will the cold cases just keep coming and how will they impact the detectives’ personal lives? In the fourth-season finale, Det. Lilly Rush (Kathryn Morris) was taken hostage and critically wounded, and her mom (Meredith Baxter) died. And then...? ''It would be nice to kind of keep people hanging,'' says exec producer Veena Sud. So what will she reveal? One episode is set against the 1938 War of the Worlds radio broadcast, and another has an all-Nirvana soundtrack. As for Rush, if she lives, ''she needs to get a friend,'' says Morris. ''She needs to go to the movies. She needs to go dancing. She just needs to, like, break out of herself and get on with it.''

Well, it looks like Criminal Minds will loves one of it’s stars, but it still has the same time slot, Wednesday at 9pm. Mandy Patinkin left this show. (He'll appear in one brief scene to explain his character's departure.) So who's gonna replace him as the lead FBI profiler in season 3? That duty falls to Joe Mantegna (playing David Rossi), fresh off his role on The Starter Wife. Costar Shemar Moore sees a seamless transition: ''No disrespect to Mandy, but Mandy was part of an ensemble. This was not the Mandy Patinkin show.'' Hmm — no disrespect to Shemar, but it kinda was. Anyway, expect Thomas Gibson's Hotch to resolve the season-finale cliff-hanger of his shaky job status by...pulling a Mandy. ''Hotch leaves the BAU at the beginning of the first episode,'' says exec producer Chris Mundy, who's writing the season premiere. ''Everything [in the series] is really shaken up by what happened at the end of last season. Just a teeny bit of art imitating life, but the art actually came first.'' Maybe Mundy could rewrite Barry Manilow's lyrics: ''Oh, Mandy, you came and you left without talking...''


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