Friday, September 7, 2007

Previews For My Favorite Shows Part 1

The show that started the CSI craze still has the same time slot (Thursday 9pm), but will they have all of the same cast? ''The miniature killer arc will be concluded in the season opener,'' says executive producer Naren Shankar. Also, look for Jessica Lucas (Life as We Know It) to join the team in season 8 as a new CSI-in-training. Lucas is signed for four episodes, but, hmmm, could this new addition be a possible replacement for Jorja Fox, whose status is unclear due to her no-comment contract negotiations and the season-ending cliff-hanger in which her character, Sara, was kidnapped? On a more positive note, Shankar talks about a switcheroo stunt you may have heard rumored: ''We are talking about the possibility of writers from Two and a Half Men writing an episode of CSI, and the writers of CSI writing an episode of Two and a Half Men.'' Adds Shankar, ''We also want to do more with the secret life of our lab techs.''

So what’s up with CSI: Miami well the same day and time (Monday 10pm), but lots of new stuff! The big news out of Miami is, as coexec producer Sunil Nayar puts it, ''Horatio [David Caruso] has a son. The sixth-season premiere, there'll be three suspects, prison parolees. One of them, you'll discover, is his son. It's really cool the way [viewers] and Horatio figure out the reality of the situation. We're really gonna commit to this theme of fathers and sons.'' Also look for an unexpected character return: Speedle (Rory Cochrane), who left in 2004, is back! And we have to ask: How has the show reacted to those YouTube montages of Caruso taking off his sunglasses repeatedly. ''We loved it,'' says Nayar. ''I know there's a tongue-in-cheek approach to the whole thing. It's something to be embraced, because there's no reason not to.''

So what’s up over on the set of CSI: NY you ask? Well the time slot is the same Wednesday at 10pm, but the storylines are even more out there! Creator Anthony Zuiker reveals that ''our first dead body you're going to see this season is going to be the Statue of Liberty.'' You mean, a person dies inside the statue? ''No, the actual Statue of Liberty. It's our first victim.'' In less confusing news, Zuiker says that Gary Sinise's Mac comes back from London in the fourth-season premiere and ''will reveal an interesting secret that launches a high level of drama in the first half of the season. And we'll also deepen the relationship between Danny [Carmine Giovinazzo] and Lindsay [Anna Belknap].'' Okay, but back to that secret you mentioned: Spill more! ''What I can tell you is, sometimes good things don't come in threes.'' Huh? ''You have the encrypted riddle right there — it'll make so much sense when it pays off — you're going to be a king at EW. A king!'' At EW, we share, so now you can be a king too.


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