Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Mags This Week...

Brad and Angelina: Their fight becomes public, Britney's bodyguard tells all, Lindsay's escape from rehab and Nicole shows off her baby bump.

Their battle with addiction: In shocking new interview Angelina admits "I've done every drug" and As a judge exposes Britney's drug use new details reveal how bad it really is, Did Jen have work done, Why Lauren's partying so hard, How Fergie lost 20 pounds.

Tom Brady and Bridget Monynahan's son exclusive photos, Did Britney hit her kids, Zac walks out on Vanessa, Mariah's diet: How I lost 25 pounds.

Tom and Kate's big blow up: Inside Hollywood's most mysterious marriage, Nicole and Joel kiss and make up in Hawaii, Destined to be dumped: Why these stars are losers in love (Drew, Jessica and Jen).

Heidi Montag talks to US: Revenge Plastic Surgery, Whoa: Jen Aniston and Ben Affleck's hot chemistry, Britney's bodyguard: What he saw.