Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Mags This Week...

It looks like the hot topics this week are the love life of Brad and Angie (they made 4 covers) and the Britney Spears VMA performance (it made 4 covers). So here's to happy reading...

Angelina trashes Brad, Britney: What went wrong, Photo exclusive: Dannielynn's extravagant birthday party, How Lauren lost 10 pounds.

Angie tells Brad: Go back to Jen, Britney: I'm so ashamed, Nude photo scandal: Zac defends Vanessa, Is Owen still suicidal.

No longer a daddy's girl: How Shiloh saved Angie, Dannielynn's secret world with diva dad, Brit misses kids' birthday party for sad "comeback".

Hollywood babies in danger: Zahara facing risky hip surgery and new threats to Brit's: She's on pills and Kevin's on coke, Owen's secret meeting with Kate: Plus suicide cover up, and MORE!

Trista and Ryan: Baby at last (interview with pics), High School Musicial 2: Nude Pic Scandal, Brit's Pain: pre-show booze, In tears "I looked like a fat pig", spray tan abs.

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