Wednesday, September 19, 2007

"Leave Britney Alone" Dude Might Be Around Awhile...

Remember Chris Crocker, that ranting and raving teary-eyed lunatic who shot to Internet superstardom following Britney Spears’ disasterous MTV VMA performance? Well, not only did he land on ‘Jimmy Kimmel’ last week, but now Variety reports that he has signed a development deal for his own show!

“Chris first got on our radar a year ago,” said 44 Blue prexy/co-founder Rasha Drachkovitch, who said he wants to develop a show that plays to Crocker’s strengths. "It’s going to pretty much be the ‘Chris Crocker experience,’” he said. “We consider him a rebel character that people will find interesting. He’s going to be a TV star.”

This will be good… good when I am drunk! I will need a lot of alcohol to sit though this, but hey there is a bright side… we will all feel so much better about ourselves after watching it.


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