Friday, September 14, 2007

Kid Rock Says Glad He Divorced Pam

Kid Rock has no regrets about divorcing Pamela Anderson after just three months of marriage - he didn't want to waste time after realizing he didn't love his ex-wife. The rap/rocker appeared on a radio show on Thursday to address his fight with Anderson's first husband, Tommy Lee an the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday. But he couldn't stop himself from blasting his ex, calling the day he filed for divorce last November "the best thing I ever did."

Kid said, "I went through what I went through, and there's no doubt it wasn't love - we went through all these things, but then coming out of it pretty much unscathed, after uprooting my son and a lot of things, it's like, 'Thank god I'm out of this.'" Rock insists he'll never go into great detail about why the marriage didn't work out, but he warns people not to believe Anderson when she portrays him as a terrible husband. He added, "It had zero to do with her. Of course, she'll tell everyone she was the victim in it, like always."


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