Sunday, September 16, 2007

Katie "Jordan" Price Not Sexy Anymore?

British model Katie “Jordan“ Price, who recently gave birth to her third child, has told friends she is getting bored of being a housewife and is ready to bring back her raunchy persona. The busty beauty, who has a two-year-old son, Junior, and baby daughter, Princess Tiaamii, with husband Peter Andre, and a five-year-old son, Harvey, from her relationship with soccer star Dwight Yorke, is believed to have pleaded with Peter to take her out more in a bid to inject more fun into their marriage.

A source close to Jordan said: "Katie loves being a mother, but she's really starting to miss her nights out. She knows she hasn't got the same sex appeal for the men's magazines that she used to have. Not long ago they were all desperate to have her on the front cover, but recently the calls seem to have dried up. She loves the 'Jordan' character she created, but is now worried she is destined to be perceived as a boring housewife for the rest of her career." The source added: "She wants Peter to start going out with her to restaurants and clubs more and for him to be more spontaneous. Jordan loves being wined and dined and being taken out, but it isn't happening enough for her anymore."


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