Thursday, September 6, 2007

Jessica Takes Over Balcony During Party

Jessica Simpson infuriated fashionistas at a W magazine bash in NYC on Wednesday night when she took over an entire balcony and barred guests from the area. The party, which was honoring Simpson's new stylist Britt Bardo, was extremely hot and guests kept retreating to the balcony to cool off and get some fresh air. But after Jessica arrived, publicists cleared out the entire patio for the singer and her posse, angering the crowd and causing most of the guests to leave. "It was so hot and she got the whole thing just for herself? I am livid," one eyewitness told Us.

Once outside Jessica talked mostly to her mane man Ken Paves and danced while publicists fiercely guarded the door and wouldn't let any other guests on the patio. But at least Jess was in high spirits. "I am doing great and really enjoying fashion week,” she told Us. The pop star told USA Today that she is looking forward to Fashion Week this year because she is finally "coming as a designer." "I get to be here as a fashionista. I get to come as someone who has made a product that people like," she said referring to her successful shoe line. "I want to wear heels all the time and the fact that my shoes are doing the numbers that they are doing means everyone wants to wear heels all the time, too."


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