Friday, September 14, 2007

Happy Birthday Sean Preston Federline!

Happy birthday, Sean Preston Federline! Britney Spears’ firstborn (and Kevin Federline’s third) is two-years-old today. In more peaceful and less controversial times, the 6 lb. 11 oz. babe was born via C-section and his parents proudly announced his birth on Britney’s Web site. Two months later, the little guy made his official debut, participating in a photo shoot and naturally stealing all the thunder generated from Christina Aguilera’s wedding. That Britney, she has such impeccable timing.

The pop star ran out of time in February 2006 when Brit went on a joyride with her son sitting on her lap. Child Services and parents alike had a field day, but it seems like the singer didn’t really learn her lesson well since subsequent car rides showed an incorrectly strapped car seat. Sean Preston probably more comfortable in the driver’s seat anyway — he was big pimpin’ in his mini Escalade this year! Things weren’t completely safe at home either. In April 2006, the tot fell out of his high chair and bumped his noggin. The little guy nearly hit pavement in May when Britney lost her balance in a New York City street. It’s a good thing he started walking soon after.

Sean’s first birthday was overshadowed by lil’ bro Jayden James’ birth, dad Kevin Federline’s album bombed and, in November, his parents split! And we all know what happened to mom this year. The poor little guy had very little contact with mama during her breakdown. What a tough two years he has had! Here to hoping this year gets better and he has a little less drama from his parents especially his mama!