Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Happy Birthday Jayden James Federline!

Happy Birthday, Jayden James Federline! The little guy has not had it easy in his first year of life. He was born and everyone in the media said his name was Sutton Pierce, but that proved to be wrong. His real name was revealed when his birth certificate was filed about a month later. He doesn’t have the same initals has his brother Sean Preston, but they do share the same birth weight. (6lbs 11oz) and almost the same birthday. His big bro will be 2 on the 14th.

Jayden’s parents split, just after his birth and just finalized their divorce. He has spent time in hotels and many homes since his parents split. He also lost time with his mama when she went to rehab for a month after shaving her head. And he deals with her constant changing looks on a daily basis. He has also had to adjust to separate styles of parenting when he goes back and forth between his parents. According to media reports Britney has no rotine with the boys and Kevin keeps them on a schedule. Jayden’s first year was very different from his brother’s. Jayden’s name was not announced on mama’s website and there was no photo shoot with People magazine. He was also hidden for the first 8 months or so of his life. While his brother was photographed regularly hanging out with his mama. He also did not get a year with his parents together.

So Jayden, here’s to you having an easier year this time around. Happy Birthday you cutie!

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