Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Faith Talks About Crotch Grabbing Incident

Faith Hill wasn't the only one spitting nails when a female fan grabbed husband Tim McGraw's crotch back in July. "He was livid," the country star said of Tim on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Wednesday. "I mean he was red and fuming." The incident happened during a stop on the couple's Soul2Soul tour in Lafayette, La., when a fan grabbed Tim in the crotch area as he walked between a barricade and the stage to greet fans.

Faith, who ended up on YouTube after she chastised the fan from her perch on the stage, says her first instinct was to let it go. "He basically just reprimanded her so I thought ... she doesn't need any more attention and I'm going to not deal with it," she explained. But then she thought about it. "I'm from Mississippi, so what I really wanted to do is kick her you-know-what. You know what I'm saying? I mean c'mon. I mean, how disrespectful! And plus, it's like sexual harassment. I mean if a man was to do that to a woman? I mean c'mon."

Tim told her where to find the fan, and Faith said she still planned to ignore the woman. That is, Faith says, until she "gave me this look like there's nothing you can do ... there's nothing you can do." What happened next wasn't the first incident that had Faith making headlines. She also talked to Ellen about the Country Music Association awards blip, when she was shown flailing her arms and apparently shouting "What?" before walking out of camera range when Carrie Underwood's name was announced as the winner. "The joke was on me," Faith says. "I was making fun of myself and no one got that. Of course we all know she was going to win. I support her 100 percent."