Sunday, September 9, 2007

Dannielynn's First Birthday Party Details

In these exclusive photos, proud pop Larry Birkhead shows off his birthday girl to The Insider's Lara Spencer, with whom he talked about his daughter's big day. Wearing a purple velvet crown with the number "1" on it, Dannielynn sat in a Barney highchair eating her multi-layered, half-chocolate, half-vanilla, castle-shaped cake at the bash, which took place Saturday, September 8 at the Louisville, Kentucky, home of socialite Tricia Barnstable Brown. The nearly 200 guests feasted on pizza and pink lemonade. Other touches: An inflatable princess castle and two hot air balloons. The highlight for the birthday girl? A performance by the purple dinosaur himself.

Check out the highlights of the interview:

On what he'd say to Anna Nicole about Dannielynn:
LB: "I would say, 'I hope you're proud of the way she's growing up and getting big.'"

On what he hopes to give Dannielynn for her 1st birthday:
LB: "Give her another happy day in life. I know she's not going to understand everything that's going on but just something that she can say one day, 'Wow, what a cool party, what a cool dad!'"

On if Dannielynn is starting to talk:
LB: "We've heard her say "da-da" a few times."

On keeping her mother and brother’s memories alive
LB: "I show her pictures all the time and I say, 'This is your mommy and this is your brother Daniel.' We talk about them all the time."

On whether she resembles her late brother Daniel:
LB: "Yeah, sometimes. Especially when she gets out of the bath and her hair is parted to the side like a little boy, she looks a lot like Daniel."


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