Friday, September 21, 2007

Charlie Sheen's Fiance Stuck In Middle Of Custody Fight

Brooke Mueller is denouncing Denise Richards's claims against her ex-husband Charlie Sheen in their heated custody battle – claims that now include accusations about the way he handled his engagement. Denise says that her and Charlie's two children, Sam, 3, and Lola, 2, didn't learn of their father's engagement to Brooke until it was announced on a TV show. "That is one hundred percent untrue," Brooke told PEOPLE. "Denise begged us on a few difference occasions not to tell the girls we were engaged."

In a court filing obtained by Access Hollywood, Denise claims Charlie and Brooke told her they purposely got engaged for "the press ... he wanted to get the cover of People and Us magazine." Brooke who Charlie proposed to in July with a $500,000 diamond ring during a Costa Rican vacation, says the claim is so absurd she "won't dignify it with a response."

Also, in her complaint, Denise filed e-mails from Brooke where she allegedly apologizes for Charlie's past tirades against his wife. Brooke believes Denise edited a version of her e-mails to bolster her custody battle with Charlie. "It's a shame that Denise conveniently edited my e-mail correspondence to serve her own interests," Brooke said. "She would be both mortified and embarrassed if I released any one of her 40 e-mails to me. But she knows my character and humanity and knows that I would ever do such a thing."

Brooke further denounces Denise's claims of Charlie's "inappropriate behavior ... and conduct", including "his attraction to underage women and his sexual explicitness on the Internet, including revealing his private parts." "Denise's claims are laughable at best," says Brooke. "How would she know? She hasn't lived with Charlie for over two years. But this is a battle we will fight in court, not in the press."

Denise filed for divorce from Charlie in March, 2005, while she was six months pregnant with Lola. Although they were legally divorced in November 2006, a final division of assets and custody rights are still being debated.


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