Friday, September 14, 2007

Britney Gets Offered Help From American Idol Judges

Britney Spears – the next Sanjaya? American Idol, which seems to specialize in turning embarrassing performances into gold, has offered to do a little of the same for Britney, FOX News reports. "We have decided we can bring Britney back," Idol judge Simon Cowell says in offering to help Brit's career. "We are serious. We plan to buy her underpants, get her bigger shorts to perform in and get her away from her stupid friends." Paula Abdul says, "We always have time for Britney. We love her." And Randy Jackson adds: "We'd love to take care of you, Spears! We will make you a superstar again!"

Britney is coming off a disappointing performance at the MTV Video Music Awards, and her new single "Gimme More" entered the Billboard Hot 100 chart at 85. Meanwhile, super producer Timbaland also offered some advice to the pop star: Do a duet with her ex-flame Justin Timberlake, an idea that Timbaland claims Britney scotched. "She has no comeback story," he tells MTV News. "That's the problem. She has to have a team. She needs to come back with Justin doing records. ... [Instead she got] so big-headed and [was] like, 'Screw you, screw you, I don't need nobody.' " Timbaland says that Britney needs to "humble herself and make a phone call and say, 'I'm sorry.' She knows what she's sorry about," the producer adds. "She needs to say, 'I was wrong,' and it'll definitely move forward. ... That's all she has to say."


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