Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Bridget Marquardt Sets The Rumors Straight At Playboy Mansion

Star magazine's Editor at Large Julia Allison recently interviewed Bridget Marquardt from E!'s The Girls Next Door and she talked for the first time about her marriage, whether Holly's pregnant with Hugh Hefner's baby, the movie shooting at the mansion right now and her brand-new Sirius radio show, called the Bridget & Wednesday Friday Show (on Sirius 198, Playboy Radio, every Friday from 1-2 EST).

Did you ever have any idea it was going to blow up like this?
No, when I was living in Lodi and working at a cardiology office I knew I wanted something more. And I felt like I was going to do something more. I felt like that wasn't it for me — which is why I went ahead and pursued Playboy. I just needed to go for it. My biggest dream was to be a Playmate. I had no idea that I'd be living at the mansion, no idea that I'd be dating Hef and no idea I'd be on a reality show. I've been there almost six years and we've only been doing the show for 2 1/2 years. People would call us "Hef and his blonde bimbos" — we were never names — we were a just no-named part of the entourage — but with the show, we're people now!

So he doesn't mind the attention?
He's amazed. But say we're on the red carpet — when they want to do individual pictures, he totally doesn't get it.

One of the things that's really struck me about the last couple of years — with specifically the Girls Next Door but Playboy in general — is this resurgence of the brand. In your opinion having been on the ground floor, why do you think that's happening? It has to say something about our culture.
I think people go through waves. They get really conservative, then they get open-minded, they want more freedom. The resurgence with females is like never before for Playboy — the show is helping.

You were married, right?
Well, I am in the process of getting divorced. But we are good friends and we've been good friends and he was totally supportive of me coming to L.A. There was just never any reason to make it final. We were good friends. Maybe we'll get back together. I'm happy doing this — I have a relationship with Hef now. We still talk on the phone. Hef's known from the start. You're actually the very first person that's even asked me about it. I'm 33, so if I hadn't have been married, I'd be feeling like an old maid right now! Because I've been there and done that, I feel like, no hurry!

There are constant rumors about Holly being pregnant.
Holly really wants to get married to Hef. She really wants to have kids and there's no secret about that. Hef is still legally married though [to 1989 Playmate of the Year Kimberly Conrad]. That's my other thing when people say, "Aren't you married?" I'm like, "Yeah, but so is Hef!" So that will take a while, even if he decided today that he was going to resolve that. Kimberly doesn't want to be on the show and she doesn't want the kids [she shares with Hef] on the show.

Are they part of his life?
They live next door and they do come over, but they don't really spend a lot of time or do a lot of things together. Kimberly really doesn't want them on the show. They're 15 and 16 years old.

So Holly's not pregnant now?
She is not pregnant. The funny thing is that she doesn't even want to be pregnant while we're still there. She wants kind of a normal life.

Do you think it's going to happen. Do you think they're going to get married eventually?
Married, I don't know, just because there are so many complications because of Kimberly. Kids, though, he's definitely saying, "Yeah, not right this second." He did save stuff for her. What do you call it? Banking it?

He banked his sperm for her?
Yes. I think she wants to be pregnant before she's 30 and have the baby before she's 30. So she's got two years.

Is there going to be a point where you're ready to live your life without a 9pm curfew?
We're all — including Hef — having so much fun doing the show, that nobody is ready to quit right now. We're shooting Season 4, there's even been talk of a Season 5. I know Holly wants to do her own show involving the studio, it would be really cool if she did get pregnant, I think that'd be a cool show.

Will Hef be changing diapers?
Yeah, that'll never happen, unless they make him do it. He already said, "I'm not going to be raising the kid, it'll be your thing."

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