Thursday, September 20, 2007

Bad Celeb Fashion!

Debra Messing shopping L.A. in this ballooning, turquoise parachute thing. Okay, the girl shined at the Emmy’s, but this is terrible. Can you say grandma garb? Jack would be so upset with Grace and Will would probably need CPR it deal with this one… wait Jack would probably be glad to give the CPR.

Supermodel Kate Moss arrived at the London home of a friend -- at 3:30 AM -- in this satin, Elizabethan-sleeved gift-wrapped prom mess. As put it: Hair by Jack Daniels, makeup -- Virginia Slims -- orange legs by Cheetos!

Pam Anderson was snapped at the CVS Pharmacy in Malibu on Wednesday she looked a little tired and had no makeup on, but she was missing something else. Pammy was missing shoes. Who goes to the CVS without shoes on? Talk about the crap you can pick on the street and in public places barefoot!