Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Bad Celeb Fashion!

Though she canceled an upcoming appearance on the VMAs and her U.S. tour, Amy Winehouse made one professional engagement – a surprise performance of her song "Love Is A Losing Game" at the Mercury Music Prize awards in London on Tuesday. Now, I love this girl's music, but this dress is terrible. It looks like somebody took some crappy colorful scarves and sewed them together. And the tats are so destracting. They also make the dress look even more busy than it already is. Next time try to cover up some of the tats.

On to a poorly dressed couple! Ashlee Simpson and boyfriend Pete Wentz embarking on a shopping excursion in West Hollywood on Friday. The two may have busy autumn schedules ahead- Ashlee's new album drops in November and the Fall Out Boy bassist will head to Australia with his band at the end of the month -but they have little fashion sense. Ashlee I thought you were throwing some glam into your look and leaving the punk crap behind. This looks like goth threw up! Get some help you two.

Keira Knightley (in Rodarte) at the UK premiere of Atonement at the Odeon in Leicester Square on Tuesday in London, England. Okay, girl stop trying to tell us you are not too thin. We think you are and this is making me not only want to feed you, but get you some help with dressing as well. If you don't want us bashing you about your weight cover up some. And, by the way, wearing something that looks like torn tissue paper does not make you look better.

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Anonymous said...

Okay, I can understand Kearia Knightly and Amy Winehouse, but Pete Wentz? No way. See, it's not called 'punk', it's called emo/scene, and, it's much better then what some, no, most of what these celebrities are wearing. There is also a BIG diffrence between goth and emo.