Sunday, August 12, 2007

What The Stars Take To The Bank

What do some of your favorite television stars bring home for their work? Well here is the answer for some of them.

-Chat show queen Oprah Winfrey banks an ice-cold $260million (£130million) a year.
-Music mogul Simon Cowell - who rakes in $45million a year for American Idol and other shows.
-Judge Judy who gets $30million (£15million) a year for her show.
-CSI's William Petersen takes home $500,000 (£250,000).
-A few stars tie it up in third: Scrubbs' Zach Braff, Law & Order's Mariska Hargitay and Chris Meloni and Two And A Half Men's Charlie Sheen, who pocket $350,000 (£175,000) for their shows.
-Hugh Laurie comes in at $300,000 (£150,000) for House.
-Next on the list is Patrick Dempsey with $225,000 (£112,500) each time he appears in Grey's Anatomy.
-Desperate Housewives pin-up Eva Longoria, who snaffles $200,000 (£100,000) for each show.
-Joely Richardson bags $90,000 (£45,000) for each Nip/Tuck.


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