Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Tom And Katie Are Not Crazy For This One!

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise haven’t shared a bedroom since the conception of their daughter Suri. Tom is quite the snorer and Katie wants no part of it. After all, the girl needs her beauty sleep. “Of course they spend time together alone at night like most married couples; after all, they conceived Suri! In fact, they even joke about having separate bedrooms to their friends – Katie says Tom snores, and this way she can get her beauty sleep!”

A close source told Star Magazine that Tom and Katie have their own wing on their house. Katie even redecorated her area to make it represent her style. It’s like two houses in one! When Katie moved into the house, it was made clear that Tom occupied the north wing of the second floor and that she would occupy a cluster of suites on the south wing of the same floor. “Katie wanted to make herself feel at home, and she insisted on remodeling her area, which consisted of a study, parlor and large bedroom suite. Over the course of several months, Katie created a larger space to have as her own. In the end, she designed the room for her dreams, a very feminine room painted in pastel colors, with a small carousel and filled with many stuffed animals.”

Now Katie has the opportunity to become a designing woman once again, as she and Tom are planning a late-summer move into the $35 million Beverly Hills palace they recently purchased. It’s currently being remodeled according to Katie’s tastes – and the sleeping arrangements most likely will stay just as they are, says the friend, who adds: “It’s a perfect fit, and Katie is fine with it.”

Okay, I see no problem with this. My husband snores like crazy and he sleeps least 5 out of 7 nights a week in the guest room. I also am a light sleeper and any sound wakes me and my moving around drives him mad. So it works better that way. If we could just have separate rooms for sleeping it would kick ass, but we don’t have wings. Besides being able to decorate girly for just me, but no such luck on that one. Way to go on this one TomKat!


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