Wednesday, August 15, 2007

This Week Is Bash Britney Week...

Well, it looks like it is bash Britney week in the tabloids! And they are not being nice in anyway. They put down Britney’s parenting and even say she might be bi-sexual! Alcohol, drugs and rants are some of the things they claim fill Britney’s daily life. So you want a taste? Read on…

What Us Weekly is saying about Britney? Here is just some of the highlights:
*Drinking in front of the kids
*Stripping in front of the staffers
*Before she had Jayden, she asked a nanny to sleep in the same bed with her and Sean.

According to Star magazine Britney has had times where she rants to her sons, “You were both mistakes!” They also talk about her poor parenting skills. They also say that Britney was drinking cocktails out of water bottles and walking around the house in various states of undress. They say she drinks in front of the boys at all hours of the day and that her home bar is packed with Patrón tequila, champagne, vodka, Baileys, rum, Scotch. But that is not all, they say perscription bottles filled with medications are seen regularly.

Britney’s quick tryst with Matt Encinias made headlines, but OK! Says that Britney spent the evening topless, nuzzling up to her former assistant Shannon Funk! “Instead of hooking up with him, [Shannon] ended up back in Brit’s room and bed,” a source told OK!. “Jenna (Jameson) told me that Britney hit on her and that she hooks up with girls,” says adult-movie actress Tera Patrick. Shannon Funk is denying it.

Life and Style magazine is saying that Britney will lose her boys in her custody battle with Kevin and her friends say, “Sean and Jayden are all Britney has. They’re the only part of her life that brings her joy and has any meaning. If she loses them, there’s no hope for Britney.” How nasty will this get and will Britney really lose them? Only time will tell.


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