Monday, August 13, 2007

Stars Out And About: Celebrity Babies Edition

CSI: Miami star, David Caruso and son, Marquez Anthony, 23 months, were spotted leaving a Los Angeles area park Sunday. Marquez is a cutie just like his dad!

Jennifer Garner and daughter, Violet Anne Affleck, 20 months, were out in Brentwood, California on Sunday. Daddy, Ben was also with them, but not pictured.

Marcia Cross and husband, Tom Mahoney were out at a Santa Monica park with their twin girls, Savannah and Eden on Sunday. They are darling!


Anonymous said...

Caruso's kid is still wearing a diaper? What about potty training? But seriously the kid doesn't even look remotely like Caruso. Is he even Caruso's??? One does wonder...

Anonymous said...

Marquez (Mac)is gorgeous; mama's coloring, but I see dad's influence in features. Time will tell; kids change so fast. One thing's for sure; he'll never have red hair and/or freckles.

BTW, as any mother can attest, kids (especially boys) are almost NEVER trained by 2 yrs. (if parents claim their child is exceptional, it's the parents who are trained, not the child).

Anonymous said...

Good, but then my daugther was "dry" with 18 months. I just took the diaper away. Okay, there where times when she peed on the floor - but she didn't need the diaper anymore.
You could be right, but I still have doubts if Caruso is the biological father. Just a hunch.

Sarah said...

The kid isn't his. Caruso wouldn't be the first to raise a chuckoo.

MrsJREwing said...

WOW, some strong thoughts on David's little boy. As for the potty training thing I don't have any kids so I can't tell you when kids are out of diapers. Keep the great comments coming!

Anonymous said...

Usually, girls don't need a diaper anymore when they reach the age of 18 months. Boys are a bit "lazier" in this matter.

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