Friday, August 17, 2007

Remembering Elvis Presley Part 5

Elvis Facts:
*Social Security Number: 409-52-2002
*Selective Service Number: 40-86-35-16
*Army Serial Number: 53310761 (Draft number)
*National Bank of Commerce checking account number: 011-143875 (Checks were signed E.A. Presley)
*Alias Names: Jon Burrows, Dr. John Carpenter
*Favorite china pattern: Noritake’s Buckingham pattern
*Favorite bacon: King Cotton
*Favorite bread: Wonder enriched
*Favorite restaurants: Gridiron at 4101 Elvis Presley Blvd, Memphis, Tennessee and Hamburger Heaven in Los Angeles
*Favorite movie: The Party with Peter Sellers
*Favorite meal: pork chops with brown gravy and apple pie for dessert with Pepsi to drink
*Favorite actors: James Dean, Marlon Brando, Dean Martin and Rudolph Valentino
*Favorite comedians: Monty Python and Peter Sellers

People in Elvis’ Life:
*Father: Vernon Elvis Presley
*Mother: Gladys Love Smith Presley
*Ex-wife: Priscilla Ann Beaulieu Presley
*Daughter: Lisa Marie Presley
*Twin brother: Jesse Garon Presley (died at birth)
*Uncles: Vester Presley (Vernon’s brother), John Smith (Gladys brother)
*Aunts: Delta Mae Presley Biggs (Vernon’s sister), Lillian Smith (Gladys’ sister)
*Grandmother: Minnie Mae Presley (Vernon’s mother)
*Stepmother: Davada (Dee) Stanley Presley
*Live In Girlfriends: Linda Thompson (Were together 1972-1976) and Ginger Alden (Were together end of 1976 till this death)
*Stepbrothers: David Stanley, Richard “Rick” Stanley (Dee’s sons)
*The Memphis Mafia (Elvis‘ close friends): Joe Esposito, Lamar Fike, Alan Fortas, Larry Geller, Charlie Hodge, George Klein, Marty Lacker, Bitsy Mott, Jerry Schilling, Billy Smith, Gene Smith, Red West, Sonny West and Patty Perry (the only female member).

Elvis’ Phone Numbers:
Memphis: 397-4427, 398-4882, 398-9722, 870-0370*
Beverly Hills: 278-3496, 278-5935, 274-8498*
Palm Springs: 325-3241, 325-4781*
* Are numbers for Colonial Parker Elvis’ manager

Some of the important addresses for Elvis fans:
*306 Old Saltillo Road, Elvis’ birthplace and is now 306 Elvis Presley Drive in Tupelo, Mississippi
*1034 Audubon Drive were the family lived from May 1956 to March 1957 in Memphis, Tennessee
*3764 Elvis Presley Boulevard where Graceland can be seen in Memphis, Tennessee
*565 Perugia Way in Bel Air, California where Elvis lived from 1960-1963 and again from 1963-1965
*1174 Hillcrest in California where Elvis purchased on May 7, 1967
*144 Monovale in Holmby Hills area of L.A. where Priscilla lived during divorce.
*825 Chino Canyon Road in Palm Springs that Elvis built and was willed to Lisa Marie and sold in 1979.
*1350 Leadera Circle where Elvis and Priscilla spent their wedding night in Palm Springs
*The Circle G Ranch on Route 301 in DeSoto County near Wills, Mississippi that Elvis owned from 1967 to 1969 he later bought it back and resold it in 1973.

Note: I hope you have enjoyed remembering Elvis this week. The 30th anniversary of his passing has been a big event. I wanted to remember the man who changed history and I hope I did him justice. Thank you for viewing this and I hope you know more about him now.


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