Thursday, August 23, 2007

Nicole Richie: No Wedding Right Now

With the recent news of her engagement to rocker Joel Madden, Nicole Richie says she is in no rush to walk down the alter. Nicole, who is five months pregnant with their first child, is telling friends they are going to wait until after the baby is born to get married.

“She doesn’t want to get married just to say she did it before the baby was born. She wants to do it on their own schedule. And it will be done because they are in love, not because they are up against some deadline. It sounded like it could be stressful pulling it all together so quickly, and Nicole said she just started thinking that she’d like time to really enjoy planning her wedding.”

Some other reasons that they have the wedding on hold are the fact that Nicole doesn’t want to walk down the aisle pregnant and she still has to serve a three-day jail sentence for September DUI arrest.

“Nicole doesn’t want to get married when she’s all big and fat. She doesn’t want to have to get one of those dresses with a high waist, you know, just to hide her stomach. She wants to look gorgeous for her wedding photos.”


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