Monday, August 20, 2007

Nicole Kidman's Movie Bombs

No matter how much money she’s being guaranteed for movies these days, Nicole Kidman had better start thinking twice about her legacy as an actress. Her new one, The Invasion, opened Friday and bombed quite brilliantly. It took in a little less than $2 million. The price for this disaster? Over $100 million. And even though it co-stars James Bond actor Daniel Craig, nothing can make The Invasion into a hit. What’s worse is, no one wanted even to see it in theatres. At, a poll among subscribers showed almost no interest in The Invasion. Of course, the marketing didn’t help. The movie looked like The Stepford Wives II, another Kidman disaster. And in many of the ads, Craig’s name wasn’t even mentioned. It was just Nicole Kidman, looking beautiful, running among dead eyed weirdos.
The public smelled a rat, Warner Bros. punted, and the rest is history. Kidman was riding high in her career at one point with hits like The Hours, for which she won an Oscar, The Others, and Moulin Rouge. But lately her choices of projects have been disastrous. From Stepford to Bewitched to Fur, Birth, Dogville, The Interpreter, and her misguided work in Cold Mountain, Kidman has made one bad decision after another. What it shows is a lack of direction, and no one to manage or guide her. There may be hope, though: Kidman and Ralph Fiennes have just signed on to star in The Reader for Weinstein Co. But in the meantime, Kidman will appear in Baz Luhrmann’s epic Australia and sooner, Noah Baumbach’s Margot at the Wedding. She needs not only a commercial hit but a critical one to re-establish her position as the best actress of her generation.


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