Thursday, August 2, 2007

New Information In The Death Of Marilyn Monroe?

Marilyn Monroe is still dead, but a New York documentary producer claims to have the most startling evidence yet about her alleged murder. "I have interviewed the FBI agent who is now in his late 80s, with prostate cancer, who was listening in on Marilyn in a van outside her home the night she died," says producer Keya Morgan. "He saw [then U.S. Attorney General] Bobby Kennedy and other men go inside the house. He heard them screaming and yelling in the guest cottage. They were in the guest cottage, not in her bedroom where her body was found." Conspiracy theorists have long said Robert and John F. Kennedy turned Monroe into a national security risk by telling her too much. Morgan, a dealer in historical documents and manuscripts, said he was inspired to make the documentary after befriending Monroe's first husband, James Dougherty. He also knew her third husband, Arthur Miller.

Morgan additionally interviewed former L.A. Police Chief Darryl Gates, first LAPD officer on the scene Jack Clements, Monroe neighbor Abe Landau and Beverly Hills detective Lynn Franklin for the documentary, tentatively titled "Death on Helena Dr." One of his L.A. law enforcement sources was also on duty the night RFK was assassinated at the Ambassador Hotel. "He said his job was to keep Ethel [Mrs. Kennedy ] away from where Bobby had a call girl waiting at the Beverly Hills Hotel," laughs Morgan. "[The call girl] was crying when he was killed. Very upset."


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