Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Mags This Week...

Brad and Angelina Behind Closed Doors, Lindsay's rehab sex scandal, Britney's crisis her mom speaks out.

High School Musical Big Fight, Inside The Hills vicious feud, Nicole Richie engaged, Jake and Reese's secret getaway, Britney speaks, Cam (Cameron) and John's hot romance.

Jen's (Aniston) Lonely World, Britney's plans to flee the country, Lindsay's life in rehab, Nanny Diaries' Scarlett's sexy hookup.

Angie Fighting A Deadly Disease, Tom and Katie seperate bedrooms, High School Musical star's shocking secrets, Runaway Mom: Brit's plot to flee with her kids to France.

Life Without Mommy: Dannielynn Turns One, Britney's desperate hookup, How Spencer tricked Heidi, Fall Fashion Bonus.

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