Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The Mags This Week...

Angelina speaks out about her future with Brad, Lindsay's bodyguard tells all, J. Lo. did she have a boob job?, Heidi and Spencer inside their new home.

Inside Maddox's birthday (10 pages of intimate family pics), Kevin tells Brit: I'm taking the babies, Jess and Justin moving in together.

Ange: How love changed my life, Kevin: I'm taking my boys, Tom and Katie's vacation photo album.

Nicole hospital crisis: Will she lose her baby?, Angie's new home- she's on her own, Tragic Jen dumped again- Paul's out is Brad in?, Brit's mom and Kevin: Are they a couple?

My twisted night with Brit (Jayden out at 10:30 pm), Charlie and Denise: It's war, Zac Efron 15 hot summer hunks bonus.

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