Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Denise Richards' Odd Request To Ex Hubby

Charlie Sheen is taking his battle with Denise Richards to the airwaves, telling Entertainment Tonight that his ex-wife asked him for a sperm donation. In an interview that will air on Tuesday, the Two and a Half Men star said that reports that Denise wants more children fathered by him "are true. There is documentation that I'll show in court revealing the request for my 'donation.'" As for whether he'll grant Denise’s request, Charlie adds, "I would sooner walk on the surface of the moon in exactly what I'm wearing." Before Sheen gets prepped for a moonwalk, however, he should note that Denise has denied the claims made in the Page Six column, including the sperm donation rumor. "I don't want another child right now," Denise has reportedly said. "I have my hands full and am focusing on my children, my mother and my career. I thought I was past all this stuff."

Source: http://usmagazine.com

Note: Previous post with other problems between the former couple is below.

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